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Cosmo Leaders

Natural Cosmetic & Medical Preparations

Cosmo Leaders is a company belonging to the latest generation of companies, that are trying to present the pharmaceutical industry with a new and distinct form.

Cosmo Leaders starts in early 2011, after a lot of time and effort that has gone by the crew of professionals and innovators in the field of industrial Pharmacy, in cooperation with many international companies from Canada, Australia and the United States, which are acclaimed in the field.

The result of these efforts was unique and distinct formulas, which overcome all defects afflicting competitor formulas, that are traded in the pharmaceutical market in the region.

Cosmo Leaders Characterized since its founding, commitment to absolute laws and regulations and the result was the following:

-  All of Cosmo Leaders products are registered in JFDA as cosmetic products.
-  Our manufacturing site have GMP certificates.
-  All stages of manufacturing are under the full control of the competent authorities.
-  During manufacturing, all laws and norms of health and pharmaceuticals are taken into account.

Cosmo Leaders Products

-  All of our products are natural products.
-  All of our products are medically proven and most of its components have U.S and European patents.
-  All of our products are well-studied, they are all times under continuous research and development,
    to keep pace with any global evolution.
-  All of our products have excellent feedback from markets.
-  All of our products are very safe and have no side effects, (All of its ingredients have (INCI) and
    considered as (GRAS) as per USFDA, Health Canada).
-  Most of our products considered as OTC items.
-  All of our products are cost effective with convenience profit margin.
-  All of our products have a big market size, so it is easy to be marketed.

Our Manufacturing site

Nature's Echo for Medical devices and cosmetics manufacturing Co. LLC.

-  It is designed as per the European standards.
-  It has the GMP certificate.
-  By early 2015 it will get the CE mark certificate.
-  some of the European companies is manufacturing one of its products in our plant , and distribute it all
    over the MENA region.
-  within six months (2015), our manufacturing site will get the essential certificate to start our herbal and
    food supliment lines